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Clevastin review

clevastinClevastin enlarges the already extensive list of natural breast enhancement products that are available in the market. Packed with plant estrogens, also referred to as phytoestrogens, that are extremely similar to natural estrogens, Clevastin allegedly provides excellent breast enhancement results to all those ladies looking for fuller, plumper breasts without going under surgery.

Conceived as a dual system, its oral pills and gel, effectively increase estrogen production thus enhancing the mammary glands to produce more breast tissue. Clevastin pills stimulate the ladies’ estrogen levels while the gel easily penetrates the different skin layers, thus encouraging the development of mammary tissues by lengthening and branching the ducts that connect to the nipple.

Clevastin uses a special combination of ingredients such as Black Cohosh, Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai, Fennel Seed Extract and Wild Yam Root. The manufacturers consider that this is a powerful breast enhancing formula that can effectively deliver the expected results.

Important information for you to consider

If you have small breasts and you suffer from a low self esteem due to this physical attribute and feel tempted to try Clevastin as a natural breast enhancer, you are wisely advised to go on reading the following lines. After a thorough review of its website, I have found certain inconsistencies I consider you should be aware of:

  • Website: Or should I say websites? It is really difficult to find the official online page of Clevastin. If you type clevastin [dot] com you are redirected to ezHealthStore [dot] com, an online retail store where you can buy a wide range of other health and beauty products classified by category. It is possible to find information about this natural breast enhancer in this websites, however, there is relevant data missing in the main pages. Nowhere I were able to find who the manufacturer is or where it is located. Thus, it is impossible to know if it is produced by a serious medical lab or by a bunch of amateur pseudo scientists in a garage.
  • Testimonials: Customer reviews on Clevastin are insufficient to say the least. Only three women acknowledge having tried the product and express full satisfaction with it. However, as I only find the name and the first letter of their surname and there is no reference at all to where they live.
  • Clinical studies go MIA!: Even though Clevastin manufacturers openly criticize those other natural breast enhancement products that have no medical or science that back up their so-called excellent results. Ironically enough, there is no reference in neither of their websites to doctors, scientists or clinical surveys that support the outstanding results they say to deliver.
  • Ingredients: Any lady interested in increasing their breast size or in achieving plumper breasts has probably looked into the different products available in the market and thoroughly studied their ingredients. Thus, it can be easily noticed that the different components of Clevastin, which according to its manufacturers are “special”, have in fact no difference at all with the other ingredients used by similar products. So, what is special about them?
  • Customer Care: It is always important to have the manufacturer contact information of the product you are buying in case you have the need to get through to them. However, you should think it twice before buying Clevastin as there is no telephone or email through which you can communicate with Clevastin manufacturers. Yes, believe it or not, it is impossible to talk to a direct customer service provider if you want to. In fact, the telephone numbers that are listed in ezHealthStore [dot] com belong to ezHealthStore!! Visit Clevastin at ezHealthStore.

It is every customer’s right to have the most accurate and complete information in order to make an educated purchase decision. Only the right information will aid you in your way to find the best breast enhancement product in the market

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