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Small-breasted women have now another product available in the market that claims to provide larger, fuller breasts without needing to go under surgery. Contour bust enhancement cream is a natural product that promises women breast enlargement of 1 up to 3 cup sizes in just over three months. Contour bust enhancement cream works through a dual process that implies hormonal regulation, on one hand, and hormonal balance on the other.

This duality is what is claimed to allow women experience a significant breast enlargement. This cream is made up of a well-thought combination of natural herbs and ingredients. Amongst its main ingredients we can find: Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai, Kava Kava, Dandelion, Thistle, Blessed, Wild Yam, and Salflower oil. Needless to say, glycerin and other emollients are also included in the formula of Contour bust enhancement cream in order to aid to the feeling of the cream as well as easy the delivery of the properties of the product.

As you rub it gently over your breasts, the product is absorbed by your skin, reaching the deeper layers of it and thus it is introduced into your body. Once absorbed, it starts stimulating the production of growth factor elements that cause breast tissue start developing. As every other natural product, they are absolutely safe to use. Even the manufacturer expresses that neither herbalists nor naturalists have reported any unwanted side-effects derived from the regular use of the ingredients included in the formula.

Studies done on Contour cream show 50% of females will notice breast growth during first month, 72% in two months and over 80% of females in the period of 3 months. In addition, manufacturers say that the regular use of Contour cream has other positive side effects over other hormonal regulated processes within the women's body. For instance, this product is believed to reduce PMS symptoms, control excessive blood flow and cramping and also enhance your sex drive.

Some points to consider before taking Contour breast cream

Lot of things indicate that Contour bust cream seems like quite good product for small-breasted women: a larger cup size, no more awful pre menstrual cramps and a re vamped sex urge. However, after a thorough investigation of the product, I have found certain inconsistencies that have made me really doubtful about this breast enhancement product:

  • Their return policy may not really work for you: They've got a 45 day guarantee but in order to benefit you, you must have used Contour bust cream just as directed and send back every bottle (those which are opened and unopened).
  • The product's website is MIA!: There is no brand-website for this product. Instead, there are multiple online retailers, both specialized in breast enhancement products or not that offer this product.
  • I have reviewed most of the information from this product from SalonWeb [dot] com. However, as the copyright of this site is seriously outdated (year 2002.) it is very difficult for me to tell if the site is active nowadays. In addition, it might be dangerous for your to buy this product from them as there is no indication at all that the toll free number published is active or if there is anybody there available to answer any question you may have regarding this product.

Lack information on clinical studies, no detailed description on how it works and without official website, I highly advice you to conduct deeper research about Contour cream before taking it.

There is proven and tested alternative to Contour cream

Triactol reviewAre you tired of trying to find proper breast enhancement product and always fail due to bad feedbacks on them? Yes, I know this can be harsh process hence I want inform you this is the end of headache. My no.1 solution for natural, painless, safe and efficient breast enhancement is nothing more but Triactol breast enlargement spray.

Have you heard about Triactol? If not, you are missing a lot! This astonishing breast enhancer is based only on natural components that ensure you safe and effective breast enhancement. Bigger breasts, lifted and also rounder - this is what you are looking for, right?

Check out Triactol comparison page and you will realize why I rank it as no.1 solution. Otherwise, no better place but to visit my page that fully introduces Triactol breast spray. After you read it, you will understand this is the product you have been searching for!

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