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Rodial's Boob job gel vs. Triactol breast spray

boob job gelI've just read in Mail Online a new breast enlargement product hit the market. It is about gel called Boob job coming from Rodial. Boob job gel claims breast enlargement by half a cup size within a period of 8 weeks at daily use. I have to tell you immediately this is nothing spectacular compared to, for example, astonishing Triactol breast spray which actually gives you noticeable results after just a week of use, and it provides breast enlargement of ONE cup size within a couple of weeks.

I recommend take a look at my review of Triactol breast spray. Let's get back to Boob job gel and see what it is about. This gel comes in 100ml bottle with the price of £125.00. Yes, quite expensive product. The principle of how to use is similar to breast spray but with less benefits.

You need to rub Boob job gel on your breasts every day for almost two months in order to gain firmer and larger breast - well, this is what manufacturer claims.

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Is Boob job really worth?

worried woman about boob job gelBoob job gel contains natural chemicals (some of them are Sarsapogenin - extract from tropical plants, phytosterols and Myrrh Resin - from tree bark) thus providing fat cells to increase inside breasts. People behind Rodial claim these chemicals work on the skin and the layer of fat beneath. However, there is also the voice of doctors from the other side.

I will quote a doctor's statement from Mail Online: "The doctor even claimed the gel could be 'potentially dangerous'." This is what takes me away from this product (regardless I already gained enlarged breasts with Triactol spray)! I know this may be a wrong statement but I would not like to take a risk and undergo breast enlargement process with potentialy dangerous product.

I know most flat-chested women are eager to find a proper solution to solve a problem regarding breasts but you must be careful when choosing the right method. Breast enlargement is doable, and there are lots of alternatives. I am experienced with this hence my effort to help you gain desired breast size only through the best and safest way.

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Boob job vs. Triactol - short comparison

We will do a little comparison between Boob job gel and Triactol breast enlargement spray. Let's make a short list of major differences between these two products:

  • Boob job gel provides enlargement only by half a cup size for the period of 8 weeks.
  • Triactol as much effective product will give you noticable results within just one week! Rounder, lifted and fuller breasts is something you will experience. However, the maximum gain of up to 2 - 3 cup sizes can be achieved for the period of 3 - 6 months.
  • I am not sure if Boob job gel is clinically proven but Triactol breast spray surely is! They also provide with 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied with the results. This is totally risk-free product that will solve all your problems regarding small breasts.
  • The price of £125.00 is so high compared to starting price for one Triactol bottle which is around £80.00. Boob job gel comes in larger, 100ml bottle and Triactol is offered in 50ml bottles. However, larger package you take from Triactol, more bottles you will get with amazing saving, so if you compare Boob job and Triactol, you can see Triactol is much cost-effective way to gain desired breast size.

Read detailed comparison between Boob job gel, Triactol breast spray
and St.Botanica bust serum

triactol bottleThere are lots of positive things to say about Triactol. I highly suggest you to take a look and discover much superior alternative to Boob job gel - the Triactol breast spray.

Triactol was a product that solved my problems and changed my life on a better way forever, this is why I recommend it all the time! You can not imagine a feeling of having permanently enlarged, uplifted and rounder breasts. All my problems are gone so yours can be too!

Give a try to Triactol breast spray and feel the power of this astonishing breast enlargement spray which thousands of women use every day.

Don't waste time on 'potentially dangerous' products such as Boob job gel
Read my honest review of Triactol and start using it today!

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