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Total Curve review

total curveRecently I stumbled on one more interesting breast enhancement system called Total Curve. This is a three-way natural breast enhancement program which consists of three parts:

  • Daily supplement
  • Breast gel for firming and lifting
  • Breast exercises program

Combination of these three items claims effective, risk-free breast enhancement for a recommended period of use of about 60 days. First results might be seen after 4 weeks of Total Curve usage which is a little too slow and less effective compared to for example Triactol bust serum (I will talk about it later).  First, take a look how Total Curve, three-part system, provides effective breast enhancement.

How Total Curve works?

By ordering Total Curve breast enhancement product, you will be delivered 3 items you need to apply in order to gain maximum out of this breast enhancement system. The principle of work is not complicated but maybe time consuming. You need to take one pill twice a day from a Daily supplement package, apply thin layer of breast gel twice a day and also do exercises program for couple of minutes on a daily basis, to enhance breast muscles. For some women who don’t have much free time, Total Curve could be time consuming hence it would be better to look for 1-way breast enhancers.

What Total Curve consists of?

Ok, first of all, let’s mention a Daily supplement from Total Curve package. It is about breast pill that firms and lifts breast tissues over time. This breast pill contains only natural phytoestrogens, antioxidants, various herbs and all that mixed up to enhance the overall health of breasts. Dosage: one pill twice a day.

Second item is breast lifting and firming gel. Beside lots of natural components, this breast gel contains 3% concentration of Volufiline – key ingredient which is clinically proven to enlarge breast size over time. They claim breast enlargement up to 8.4% for about 2 months period. For comparison, Triactol bust serum uses Mirofirm instead of Volufiline, which is more effective as natural breast enhancer. Dosage: it is recommended to apply thin layer of gel to your breasts twice a day, gently massage it for a couple minutes until it becomes absorbed by breasts.

Third item is breast enhancement exercises program. It is proven that exercising your muscles you are able to enhance them so this also applies to muscles supporting your breasts. By performing Total Curve exercises you will enhance tone of breast muscles thus making them lifter, less sagging and bigger. These exercises should be very easy to performer and give final influence to Total Curve breast enhancement system.

At the end, combination of these 3 items should provide successful breast enhancement, with both internal and external influence to your body.

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Price and money back guarantee

Total Curve is offered in various packages with the starting price of $59.95 for 1 month supply going up to $289.95 for 6 month supply. Some extra savings and bonuses come along within bigger packages. Money back guarantee is 60 days which is also quite good. You are 100% covered for the period of 60 days and if you do not become satisfied with the results of Total Curve, you will be able to send it back and get full refund.


Total Curve breast enhancement system seems quite interesting compared to other offered programs and products. It is very affordable and great alternative to risky and costly methods such as breast surgery. However, I would not rank it as a top selection as there are some minor issues regarding this breast enhancement system.

Total effectiveness of Total Curve does not amaze me, and it takes lots of time to gain results. It might look a little bit like a complicated breast enhancement system as you have to follow schedule for 3 items: pills, gel and exercises. First noticeable results come after almost 4 weeks of use which is just too much. That means you can not expect much with one month supply.

People behind Total Curve also recommend it to be used for longer periods like 60 - 90 days meaning you have to buy large packages. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing bad about this, whatsoever I would also suggest to use breast enhancers for longer periods, but I want to say there is much better and effective breast enlargement product than Total Curve. It is called Triactol bust serum (I mentioned it at the early beginning of this article), and I personally used it to gain successful breast enhancement.

Alternative to Total Curve

triactol bust serumWould you like to see first noticeable results after just 7 days instead of 28 days? And use 1-way breast enhancer instead of 3-way like Total Curve, but still providing greater benefits to your body? Indeed the answer to these questions is YES.

I was using Triactol bust serum for 3 months and gained larger breasts by 2 cup sizes! Also, my breasts are much firmer, lifted and rounder. Tricatol bust serum is revolutionary breast enhancer that hit the market about year ago and already jumped to No.1 position as the most effective and recommended natural breast enlargement product.

Its secret and powerful formula lies in Mirofirm (extract from P.Mirifica) that boosts your breasts so fast with positive results, making them just like you have always wanted to be. Unlike Total Curve, Triactol is much easier to use, not time consuming, also affordable, 100% safe and very effective product to gain desired breast size. For more information about Triactol, I suggest you to read my detailed review – I think you will like this product!

Check out why I always recommend Triactol to any woman who wants
100% natural breast enhancement

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